I Have a Two-Book Deal!

As many of you know, it has been a long journey for Poppy. I am happy to say that she has found a home at Tantrum Books and will be published in 2016! There are two versions of the journey to publication – the long and the short. Today I am giving the short one.

I began writing a middle-grade magical realism novel entitled POPPY MAYBERRY THE MONDAY at the end of summer 2011. I finished the novel a few months later and got my first literary agent in 2012. We shopped the novel. Editors said no. I revised the novel. My agent sent it to a few more editors. Rejections rolled in. I began working on a Shakespeare-inspired YA book, moved to a new city, got a new teaching job in our new area, freelance wrote, had a baby, bought a new house, and revised POPPY (PHEW!). As I’m finishing up the revision process, my agent let me know that she accepted a job outside of the publishing world and could no longer represent me. I was agent-less, but had a shiny revised manuscript. I queried a publisher on my own and crossed my fingers! The next day I received an email asking for the whole manuscript. Six days later I received an offer of publication. I needed a new agent. I queried a few agents. Four offered representation. I had conversations with each agent to see who I felt fit best with me, Poppy and what I see myself writing in the future. I accepted an offer from Bill Contardi of Brandt & Hochman. He negotiated my contract. I received word of a 2-book deal with Tantrum Books (month9books) and found out the first novel will release in fall 2016!!! It all sunk in when I saw the official deal announcement in Publishers Weekly! Check it out HERE!

As you can see, Poppy, like most other debut novels, took a while to be published. One thing I’ve learned throughout all the ups and downs of revising, querying agents, losing agents, being rejected by editors, etc., is that YOU CAN’T GIVE UP! I believed and still believe in Poppy, and I am so excited to share her with you all!

Ecstatic! Thrilled! There aren’t words to express my joy! I am so excited for the editing process to begin again, for cover design (check back for an eventual cover reveal – woohoo!), final edits, blog tours, etc… Poppy’s journey to publication continues…

🙂 Jennie

Keep checking back for more updates about the publication process and POPPY MAYBERRY, THE MONDAY!



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