Friday Five: Books about the human condition (that might cheer you up?)

Awesome post by pctelanews Kate!


This past week I’ve been reading what would normally qualify as depressing books for summer.  But to tell you the truth, by reading about death, dying, loss, and grief, I feel more alive, and more appreciative for everything I have. I didn’t mean to have a morbid, melancholy, or morose week of reading, I just approached my to-read shelf and decided to start knocking off the shorter books on it–who knew most of those would be about death? But all of these are books I can and will re-read because they make me understand things about the human condition that usually we avoid thinking about.

So here you have it: Friday Five–books about the human condition that will make you feel lucky to be alive and want to hug your family, friends, and even pets.


  1. I started the week by reading Philip Roth’s Everyman.  I’ve read his…

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