Back to the Write Life


As many of you know, these last six months with my awesome little man have been absolutely amazing. There truly is no love like the love you have for a child. As amazing as it has been spending time with my husband and baby boy, something that has been put on the WAY back burner is my writing. Sure, I’ve still been freelancing for a number of magazines (I actually picked up 4 more publications over maternity leave) and I’ve written some poetry with my students, but my manuscript writing has taken a serious hit.

But I am back…and I am ready to brainstorm, revise and write. These months off have given me time to really reflect on my MG manuscript (Poppy) and find a direction for her to go. I started her third, and hopefully last (until she has a home with a publisher), revision right before baby boy was born, and am now ready to finish. Also, between naps, feedings, and during late nights and early mornings, I’ve had some time to write a chapter here and there for a few other manuscripts (1 MG and 2 YA). I am excited to start piecing those together as well.

Now I must go. BB is in bed and it’s the write time…



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